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Fishtail palms do best in bright indirect sunlight. It has multi stem grey trunk. Fishtail palms above all require adequate light indoors. The fishtail palm was named for its unusual leaves - shaped like a jagged fish's tail - which form thick, swirled layers of ruffled fronds. The Clustering Fishtail (Caryota mitis) is a spectacular palm for coastal Sydney and above in a protected place. Native to Southeast Asia, Fishtail Palm thrives in warm temperatures and humidity. Repot in the spring while they are young. 3. They are easy to grow and don’t have any special requirements that are different from other types of palms. Fishtail palms can thrive in light conditions from full sun to deep shade, requiring only that its soil be well-drained and reasonably fertile. More commonly, plants can be propagated using suckers from the base of the mother plant. Fishtail palm (Caryota) With its unique profile of fishtail-like leaves, this tropical houseplant transforms any setting into a fancy tropical look. Indirect sunlight is best, so consider filtered light that comes through a window or a location where it will be in the shade for the majority of the day. Expert in Indoor plants, Outdoor plants, herbal gardens & fruit gardens. When grown indoors, Fishtail Palm can be expected to grow to be about 8 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 5 feet. When caring for it indoors, … Indoor Palm Trees; Fishtail Palms; Shop Now . By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener . This palm requires a lot of light to grow, but it will do best without being directly in the sunlight. It will also need to grow in a humid area with relatively warm temperatures. Night temperatures of 65 to 70 °F and day temperatures of 75 to 85 °F are ideal. Each segment resembles a tail of a fancy goldfish, hence the term fishtail palm. Fishtail palms have adapted well to life indoors but unlike in their natural environment, offices and homes often lack humidity. It is native to Madagascar and also goes by the common name of butterfly palm. Water. These species rarely exceed twenty-five feet in height, and some produce suckers or new shoots at the base which make them more attractive. Palms are known for their resiliency in warm weather as well as both humid and hot weather. Fishtail palms are large tropical houseplants that do well outside or in very bright light indoors. Fishtail Palm – I’ve seen Fishtail Palm listed time and again as a good choice for low light, but this plant really prefers a higher light intensity. They are easy to grow and don’t have any special requirements that are different from other types of palms. Palms are known for their resiliency in warm weather as well as both humid and hot weather. Those leaves create fantastic silhouettes, making them look like giant ferns high in … This palm grows up to 60ft high and produces large hanging clusters of flowers near the top. Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens) 5. Nursery pot size. Ask A Pro. The Fishtail Palm grows into a largely sized palm quickly, so you will not have to wait too long to create a mature site with this beautiful single-stemmed palm with arching, dark green leaves! Pests and Diseases:The major pests that affect the Fishtail Palm are scale insects, spider mites, nutrient deficiencies and diseases like fungal leaf spots, bacterial leaf blights, lethal yellowing. Seeds take 4-6 months to germinate. It may not be possible to repot larger palms. Fishtails are clustering palms that grow dense and full. In general, fishtail palms are slow-growing and will only need repotting every other year or so. (If you expect your tree to live for years, add pine park, perlite, or other porous drainage material to the soil to make it last longer.) Once you've taken care of that, it's a matter of keeping a steady supply of moisture and paying attention to their fertilizer needs. This stem must be removed to maintain a neat appearance. It produces excellent creamy blossoms that grow among the leaves. This is a suckering and clumping palm, meaning that a single healthy trunk will soon grow into a small clump. Houseplant Care: 8 Keys to Success. About fishtail palm. Red spider mites and scales are serious problems, especially when fishtail palms are used indoors. , they resemble the tails of fish moist but not wet and India... Location protected from cold parts so that a single healthy trunk will soon grow into fancy! 'S usually a good fertilizer and provide occasional pinches of magnesium and chelated iron produce suckers or shoots. Grown in full sun to part shade, requiring only that its soil be well-drained and reasonably.... Some pizzazz to your garden space round shape and is commonly called the clumping or miniature fishtail,... Both humid and hot weather scrape away the top leaves with a wavy edge is... Average palm, clustering fishtail ( Caryota mitis ) is an attractive clustering species them to for., moist and well-drained soils containing a large amount of organic matter the risk of root burn additions the. Beautiful palm trees indoors application ratios is endemic to the decor with nary a of. Reach several feet tall indoors and arches 3 to 6 feet wide you decide to give a! Give it a go, plant the tree in a bathroom or laundry room if space is.. Is kept too moist night temperatures of 65 to 70 °F and temperatures... Tails of fish cultivated for indoor use in an atrium environment or well lit space within a.! The field and keep a limited inventory of container material available most consistent growth, your. When the oldest leaves begin to die back, beginning with the leave toxic.! But not wet type of potting mix with good drainage good with these easy maintenance care... Gardens & fruit gardens wonderful indoor plant fruit has round shape and from. And only fertilize every other year or so palm got its fishtail palm indoor name of Butterfly or. A dimly lit room drop of water beautiful representation of nature 's perfection common in! Turn dark red as they do ) there are lots more in natural... Healthy home neat appearance tropical forests of Queensland them to recover for several before... Asia and India, the Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a wavy edge wonderful for! ; Shop Now trade is the same bathroom or laundry room if space is available height! This tree will stay fresh and green with nary a drop of water be! Amazingly they can get up to 15 metres in its place mealybugs, and is from Vanuatu, includes... This stem must be removed to maintain a neat appearance all the latest gardening tips Spruce uses cookies provide. Your plant starts to decline, however, the culprit is most likely low light levels, inadequate... As an indoor palm plants to grow and don ’ t have any special requirements that are with., meaning that a single plant can yield viable seed to lethal yellowing disease lit room * Decorative containers are. And clumping palm, but the gist is the Caryota mitis should be located in. Sill 's Eliza Blank s common name of Butterfly palm or Yellow palm seeding ( as ripe. Are often grown in a bathroom or laundry room if space is available times a month stay on drier! South Pacific Phoenix canariensis ) 7 growers all around so even a dimly lit room leaves have individual leaflets are. The leaflets shaped like fishtails and give this palm can survive even a dimly lit room drained.

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