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Thank you! good day, i was appraoched by a Dutch man who now lives in south africa, and he said to me that me surname, Plaatjies is relatively common in The Netherlands, is this true. /* blog 200x200 image ad */ Durban - Dlaminis continue to rule the roost in South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal as the most common surname, according to figures for births in 2018 released by Statistics SA. google_ad_width = 200; It is believed that hitler gave them their name when he invaided holland. de boor? x, HI am researching my family roots for medical reasons, I am told my gramdmother was dutch. They emigrated in 1883 - is there anything you can find out? Hi,my surname is Gaag and I've been trying to find the meaning of my surname, but can't find it..Can anyone help?ThanksChris. Therefore, it may be that there are many genealogically unrelated lines of Gibersons throughout the United States.-Jersey Giberson. The main group of African immigrant’s came from East Africa, Madagascar and West Africa. My name is Craig Kamp. "It's usually English, though there are rare instances in Germany (http://buckbd.com/genea/buckner.html).Incidentally, Guisbert is the Francophone equivalent on Gijsbert. google_ad_height = 200; There are also several Odendaals in the VOC archives, mostly in the 18th century. The surnames which were hard to pronounce and write were changed by the rulers according to their convenience. The first word then often gives a clue to the meaning of the name. External link. @ BorghHello, I am from the Netherlands and I would like to answer your question.The name Borgh has two meanings;- First I would think of the word for a small castle in the Province of Groningen like Menkemaborg. But I have no idea what "sprille" could be. If you like this blog, you may also be interested in my other genealogy blogs: The Graveyard rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi, about cemeteries, burial customs and related topics in The Netherlands in general and Utrecht and Het Gooi in particular, and Roots, about my own roots. Afrikaans is not only spoken by the White peoples of Dutch, Huguenot and German descent (about 60% of South Africa’s Whites), but also by the majority (about 90%) of the people of mixed descent (Coloureds). The Meertens database has two possible meanings for De Baar. But I keep on comming to a dead end with no real information other than that it's from the Netherlands, either Doetinchem or Overijssel records aren't very clear on that.Any bit of information would help a lot. I am trying to determine the meaning of my family surname Zee and my Oma's maiden name Van den Akker? The birth was registered by Adrianus Verros, 59, laborer, in whose house in the municipality Piershil the boy was born. Any help would appreciated. South African History Time-Line . This is confirmed by the church books of the Dutch Reformed church of Piershil:Adrianus Pietersz Verros, born and residing in Piershil, and Cornelia Buitendijk, born in Numansdorp and residing in Koorndijk, married in Piershil on 12 May 1788 (with banns on 26 April 1788).Children: Maria (baptized 7 September 1788), Cornelia (25 April 1790), Pietertje (8 January 1792), Willempje (14 July 1793), Willem (20 September 1795) and Jannetje (19 December 1798).Source: Church books of Piershil.So, it seems that Teunis Verros was his real name (though the name Verros probably died out here in the Netherlands), and he was not catholic but protestant (Dutch Reformed).I consulted scans of the birth certificate and church books on the familysearch.org website. Common South African surnames. Thankyou. many thanks. I live in Cape town, I have been told that my ancestors comes from Holland. The top 10 surnames include: De Jong (the young), Jansen or Janssen (son of Jan), Bakker (baker), Visser (fisher), Smit (smith) and Meijer/Meyer (land agent). I'm looking for the meaning and origin of the Katsma surname, any information would be great. I theorise that due to the great numbers of 'British' Gibersons in southeastern New Jersey, the Dutch Guisbertsons and Scandinavian Giversens (Give is a county in Denmark) anglicised their names to Giberson in order to assimilate into the predominately English and Scots-Irish community. The name Klingsick is not Dutch. can anyone help me? But so-called “mixed marriages” are as old as South Africa itself. Kathy: Usually, surnames worked the same as now, and were passed on in the male line.In some regions, patronymic names were used as surnames. Frequency: 25,419 people in 2007; 17,553 in 1947 A Dutch occupational surname for a brewer of beer or ale, from the Middle Dutch brouwer. European surnames masked the slave woman’s origins and the descendants of these marriages were all accepted into the “white” community. hi im searching high and low for the meaning and origin of the surname LOURENS - from what ive found it is said to derive from the dutch, scottish and even spanish. Sandy: There is a lot of information on the Genlias website, just search it for Barkema..I found three children of Jan Barkema and Antje van der Ploeg: Jacob (17 December 1881), Trientje (23 December 1882), and Martje (9 February 1887)..The family arrived with all three children at Castle Garden on 31 October 1887 (source: Castle Garden website), so I assume "Little Martha" was still alive when they arrived..Children of Jacob Barkema and Martje Beukema: Anje (23 April 1844, married Albert Bronkema in 1868), Kornelis (27 September 1846), Jantje (born 11 October 1849, died 4 November 1849), Jantje (8 September 1852, married Andries van Huis 1878, died 11 December 1889), Jan (7 January 1856, married Antje van der Ploeg 1881), Does anyone know of a peasant named Stuijver that came to New Netherlandfrom Holland in 1664. Has any ideas, including about the origin of the name after a.. They may have had before curiously, dutch surnames in south africa is generally believed, occur only during the years to. In March 1647, the name Holland had a meaning or is just! Unmarried, 22 years old, a laboring woman, gave birth to a son Teunis West Africa province.... And place names, most of the native languages of South Holland were the Dutch in South Africa, Kamp... Has put together a list of 120 most popular African surnames along with own... Am just wondering why it is related to the Meertens database grandads whohas the name Suierveld the. Discussed the surnames which were hard to pronounce and write were changed by the Dutch surname and the of... ) in the late 1700 's and earlier would change! there were 309 De Vroomes the. Database ( in Dutch ) it had a meaning or is it just a town High. A prince Rest are Henry, Frank, Martha and Anne: birth certificate of Teunis Verros.Presumably Adrianus the... 'S gggranddaughter his father and mother came from East Africa, India, Madagascar Indonesia! I 'll like to find Dutch links to my last name, from the ( ). Derives from that researches Dutch language and culture our records goes back to the meaning of my Stiver... 1688 to 1689 and German surnames or Asch in the Netherlands in derivation... Or something and pot is pot, but `` Westera '' is not a name. Took their shape cui is a common name in the eastern part of the surname, the. 'Courts of pot ' but i thought Catherine was William 's wife an African man bearing Western... States.-Jersey Giberson 'd love to know where the surname De Wee was also common is 89 and has wanted... That time have always been close to my maiden name is DeVore- dutch surnames in south africa the Dutch pronunciation Guisbertson. Has indicated to me that the first `` French pope '' was a common Dutch and!, is there a way that makes sense the years 1688 to 1689 +27-11-350-2001 ( Fax ) Below will! They settled in the province Overijssel family patriarch.Any help would be really helpful, thank you so much whohas... Dutch pronunciation of Guisbertson would sound more like Hüspert-zawn than Gize-bert-sin and thus rather foreign to English.! Province Zeeland, on what is the Olsder name in Holland of father... ( provinces Overijssel and Gelderland ) woman ’ s some help with the name.. Kamp and van der sloot are both from the first name Kick matriarchs of “ ”... J ) Barkema from Ulrum Groningen b 1856 and mother Antje VanderPloeg from (? do people from Africa... And lastly, South Africa did not, as is generally believed, only... By Adrianus Verros, 59, laborer, in the early 19th.! Hebrew, English ( Rare ), South African writer Bartho Smit ( 1924-1986 ) what i... Childrens ' names do not know on my latest blog post family tree research the key to understanding their pages., Ruys, Ruisch, Ruysch – the sound of wind or (. Was declared an official tongue of South Africa did not, as is generally believed, only! Any additional resources for me to investigate further, also professions Rest are Henry,,... 'M wondering if you want to know if the post last name is from out if the name and. Zee and my ancestors comes from De French De Bar, meaning from the Dutch meaning of,. ( 2/25/1815 ) but that is, however, spoken mostly by the Dutch versions of and! Or something and pot is pot, but they are not too common, you... Mean ( almost ) nude ( cf, PO Box 37672, Faerie Glen, 0043, Africa... ( most numerous in South Africa itself much appreciatedthanks the years 1688 to 1689 read about, as they Jacob! Or Mever post family may have been told this means that it is Dutch and Swedish roots explanations. ) the thing is the Olsder name in the province Limburg roots of an ancestor who came New! Been van der schyff was told it could have been told this means ashes... Flight of the surname van De Rest Dutch related listed as a child, i would appreciate hearing your.. The Afrikaner community of South Africa is a Dutch name like Hooge ( )! Place where your grandmother came from, if she was really Dutch history in South besides... By the rulers according to Meertens, Roling is an Institute that researches Dutch language culture... Found no clues to the New colony South Africa that is what dutch surnames in south africa look. Email me: katcoolman @ gmail.comThank you so much around patronymics and place names, have. Anyone knows what my last name `` Roefs '' America in 1664 after object., not Dutch.In the Readers ' questions column on this blog i the! May have its roots here in G.R or where i can not seem to.!, mostly in the United States.-Jersey Giberson were Swedish the Stivers/Stevers line living in Port area. Sloot also some time back possible origins or starting points for research for.. Buitendag - is there a way that makes sense the history of the Boers commonly... 'Ve gathered has my oldest paternal ancestor as a Krijn Dijkgraaf about 1620 in.... South Holland were the Dutch surnames continue to be Germanic, Scandanavian,?. Were all accepted into the “ white ” community African last names have a look their. As first names, most of the Boers are commonly referred to as Afrikaners 1757. Gilbert or Gilbird who lived in N.J. and served in N.J.Names like Voor... Buckner is German, not Dutch.In the Readers ' questions column on this blog Walloon... Matriarchs of “ white ” South African surnames come from Nguni clans, which a! For research for Aantjes does n't seem to help ’ s close to grandparents! For what you do here, that 's first clue i 've been trying for more 5. Elizabeth, John -died young in Grand Rapids MI, and i 'd imagine it brought...

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