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Navy leadership was reviewing the matter and had made “no official determination of guilt or innocence.”. Dimmig, a St. Louis native, was recognized for standing atop the pinnacle of officer recruiting production from July to December Master Chief Petty Officer Franklin Tiongco. If in doubt, ask the recruiter to put the information in writing, and sign it, or to show you in the regulations, guides, or pamphlets that what he/she is saying is true. To get details and find out which offer would benefit you most, request that a Navy Dental Recruiter contact you. Find Recruiters. Explore the Navy ; What to Expect; JOINING THE NAVY; Who We Are; … The Navy’s top enlisted recruiter was fired Wednesday “due to loss of confidence in his judgement,” officials said Friday. And also it's like having a big family. US Navy recruiter streaming with friends named “gamer word” “Nagasaki” and “japan1945” ... you're associated with. The recruiter will ask you a bunch of questions to see if you qualify for military service. NAVY RECRUITER. It is the government researching you. Find A Recruiter; 1-800-usa-navy; Apply Now; Home; GET UP TO $105,000 NOW. She and other Navy officials declined to provide any additional details about the case, which included a Naval Criminal Investigative Service probe. ... Pros and Cons … Basic Training Pros and Cons . Cannot have reached your 42nd birthday by the time you are commissioned and on active duty. Those who must enlist in a different rating (PRISE III) program enlist in the grade of E-3, except for AECF, CTI(N) or Nuclear Program, who enlist in the grade of E-4 (if E-4 or above was held during the previous enlistment). Find a Recruiter: To find a medical programs recruiter near you, please go to the Navy Recruiting website located at We only link to it as it is seen as a resource. My ASVAB scored were a bit lower from qualification scores but the recruiter told me I could either retake the test again. Find a Recruiter: To find a medical programs recruiter near you, please go to the Navy Recruiting website located at It is important to understand that no recruiter can guarantee your professional future. Tiongco enlisted in the Navy in June 1991 and served a tour aboard the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy before he was released from active duty in 1994, according to a biography provided by the Navy. I'm still doing my research and have been training myself as I'm currently at 200lbs at 6'4" and I'd like to exceed the minimum fitness standard for my first choice being SEAL, but I would be happy with rescue swimmer or IT as well. Printable Practice Asvab Test Send feedback or report inaccuracyMost of these answers are pretty accurate. That is saying something. It's a tough job. I joined 2012 with just a GED, but like a few others have already said it depends on how bad the drawdown is right now which dictates how strict the Army is on recruiting requirements. Navy Veterans who meet the below criteria, and enlist into their previous ratings, usually enlist in the grade they held at the time of discharge (up to E-6). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Reddit; Pocket; Flipboard; Pinterest; Linkedin; U.S. news . America's Navy. If they expect me to do 1.5 miles in 12:30 and I can do it despite my flat feet would I still be disqualified? We only link to it as it is seen as a resource. Once you make your decision, make an appointment with the recruiter for the service you want to join. BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE. I'm qualified for every enlisted job in the Navy, afaik, so for them to turn me away for some helicopter-mom induced ADHD meds over 3 years ago seems crazy.

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